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Hand Eczema

Hand Eczema.

Hand eczema can be caused by variety of things. These things can include genetic factors, allergy, and injury to the skin due to irritants. This can condition can be brought on because due to a person’s work environment and is also called occupational dermatitis.

A break out of hand eczema can have varying degrees of severity. It could happen on the palms of the hands or the backs; it can even happen on both. The skin starts off being dry and red, it can then start to become very itchy along with vesicles, papules, cracking, scaling, swelling, and even weeping.

Infection can cause pain, formation of pustules and crusting. Long-term eczema on one’s fingers can cause the nails to deform. Eczema on the hands can wind up spreading to other areas of the body like the feet and areas of the arms.

Having wet hands a lot can bring on this type of eczema. The most common reason for eczema to occur is occupational exposure to detergents and chemicals. One prime example of a profession that suffers with this condition a lot is hairdressers. They have their hands in water, shampoo and chemicals for perms and colors. If they do not protect their hands with gloves they are at risk of developing hand eczema.

Housewives and mothers are also at risk of developing hand eczema as they have their hands in liquids that can cause irritation. House painters who have to deal with turpentine and such can also have difficulty. Irritants can actually damage the skin.

People can be allergic to certain substance or ingredient which can cause the break out of hand eczema. Latex gloves can cause allergic reactions in some; this as with all allergies can lead to more serious reactions than those on the skin.

The breakout may include itching, swelling, and red areas. These breakouts usually only last for a short time. However, sometimes it can lead to trouble breathing, hives, and even more serious symptoms. Of course this type of severe reaction is not the norm.

Other causes can be fragrances, nickel, and p-phenylenediamine (which the last ingredient is found in some hair coloring products). The good thing about this type of eczema is that once the cause is discovered, it is easily cured mainly by avoidance.

All types of eczema occurring on the hands can be treated fairly successfully though. In some severe cases the patients may need to change their job / role. Someone suffering with hand eczema should avoid coming into contact with irritants and having their hands wet.

They should also wear protection on their hands; try latex-free gloves if an allergy to latex has been found. Avoid wearing the gloves to the point of the hands sweating though because this could aggravate the condition. Be certain the gloves are sanitary on the inside.

The hand eczema sufferer should also use hand creams to prevent the hands from drying out. Reapply after each time you wash your hands. There are cases of hand eczema where a doctor may need to prescribe medication for the inflammation.

Topical steroids are often used in these cases in various strengths. They are usually applied twice a day. Further medications such as antibiotics either oral or topical might be recommended if your eczema is infected.

Natural Eczema Cure Revealed Natural Eczema Cure Revealed

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