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best eczema cream

Ash asked:

What is the best eczema cream available?

I have tried lots of different eczema creams with no success.

Dry Flaky Skin Help

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Eczema Cream.

Eczema Cream Information.

Many times when someone has eczema they need to treat it with some kind of eczema cream (or ointment).

There is more than one kind of eczema cream available that can be applied to relieve the itchy rash associated with eczema. Below is some information on the various creams to help you know which one is right for you.

Moisturizing creams are always beneficial for fighting off the dryness that can occur with eczema. Many good brand name creams are available on the market today. Apply these creams or ointments after showering to add moisture.

Steroid creams are also used for the itching of eczema. These are also effective at keeping the inflammation down. Apply over the affected area usually just 2 times per day (the frequency should be determined by your medical practitioner). There are various strengths of these steroid creams and ointments.

Some of these can be bought over the counter, while others are only available through prescription. Long-term use of steroids can cause bad side effects. Some side effects include a change in the thickness of skin, or you skin’s color changing. So make sure to use as advised.

Then you also have the immunosuppressing effects of Elidel cream and Protopic ointment, which can be useful in hard to deal with cases of eczema. But these should not be used unless absolutely necessary, especially as they carry a warning against cancer. Also other skin infections could occur because these drugs work by suppressing the immune system.

Antibiotics are occasionally needed if the eczema becomes infected. These infections can even be caused by the Staph bacteria that is naturally found on the skin and other surfaces. If antibiotics are prescribed they usually have to be taken from 14 – 28 days. You may have to have ongoing antibiotics if you are constantly suffering from these infections.

There are gel products that contain coal tar which may lower the need to use the topical steroid creams. However, some of these products may irritate the skin if they have alcohol in them, so read the labels before use.

Other Eczema Treatments.

  • Other treatments can be used along with the creams or ointments. Corticosteroids lessen the severity of the flare-ups along with lessening the itchiness of it.
  • Light therapy using either PUVA or UVB ultraviolet light can help with the chronic cases of the various forms of eczema. This is usually used for the times that other treatments don’t work . Treatments using light therapy are sometimes given several times a week.
  • Antihistamines are great for reducing the itchiness of the affected area. Taken orally these help reduce the aggravation that the itchiness causes. You should try not to scratch the eczema as it makes the flare-up worse.

Whether you use eczema cream or one of the other treatments, use something that helps relieve your eczema symptoms. Don’t go around with this condition without doing something about it. Soothe and heal your skin to keep the flare-ups down to a controllable level. You may not be able to totally cure yourself of the eczema, but you can most certainly make yourself more comfortable with it.


Natural Eczema Cure Revealed Natural Eczema Cure Revealed

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