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Atopic Eczema.

Information on Atopic Eczema.

Atopic eczema is the most common form of eczema, and it is normally a chronic or long-lasting condition of the skin.

A large number of people have to battle this disease. It is also known as atopic dermatitis, and is usually allergy induced. Allergies like hay fever or asthma conditions can set off an attack of this form of eczema.

Atopic Eczema Symptoms.

The allergens irritate the skin and cause a reaction in the form of a rash that itches. Often times the itching shows up first and then the rash appears a little while later.

The skin starts to itch and then becomes inflamed, which leads the skin to be red, cracked, swollen, weepy, scaly, and even crusty. This can all make the skin very dry according to most sufferers.

Dry skin can also be an existing condition prior to having the problem of atopic eczema and believed to aggravate the condition.

This skin inflammation can also run in families. It is therefore important to report any family history of this disease to your doctor if you break out with this atopic eczema. This can happen to people at almost any age, and mostly occurs with infants and very young kids.

You usually have good times and bad time with this disease. Flare-ups can occur and the rash can therefore become worse. In between flare-ups the skin can almost clear up entirely.

Some kids grow out of the condition permanently while others continue to have it all their lives.

Atopic Eczema Causes.

  • Seasonal allergies can trigger flare-ups along with dry skin,
  • Trying new products out on your skin,
  • Using harsh detergents and soaps,
  • Fragrances if you are sensitive to them,
  • Even the cold weather.

When you have a family history for the disease many environmental elements can trigger symptoms.

When trying to treat atopic eczema you need to first remove all things that trigger it as much as possible. If you cannot discover the reason then other treatments will be necessary to control the condition.

Also using the most mild detergents to wash your clothes with will help too. Watch the use of laundry additives or fabric softeners too, some could cause a flare up to occur.

Atopic Eczema Treatments.

Always take good care of your skin by gently cleansing it. Today there are special body washes to do this. These will not dry your skin out as much. After gentle cleansing always moisturize to maintain moisture in the skin. You will have fewer and less severe breakouts the healthier you can keep your skin.

Creams are better than lotions, because they do not contain as much water, and that can dry the skin more than moisturize it.

Itching is controlled normally through use of antihistamines. Currently there are several non-sedating ones on the market. Claritin® is one example of this. Of course there are the sedating ones too like Benadryl®. The jury is out on how effective these drugs are on atopic eczema but they usually help with the itching.

Steroid creams or ointments applied topically can relieve all the symptoms of the rashes associated with atopic eczema. There are various strengths available for your needs, however you should always consult your medical practitioner before use.


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