Itchy Skin.

One of the most common causes of itchy skin is eczema. The cause of the itch depends on the type of eczema you suffer from.

Eczema almost always shows as itchy skin no matter which area of skin is affected.

Sometimes the itch will fire up even before the rash appears. Intensely itchy skin develops, which can be widespread or restricted to a few areas.

Eczema and itchy skin mostly affect parts of the body where the skin creases, such as the backs of the knees and the front of the elbows, as well as the feet, hands and face.

Affected areas usually appear as dry itchy skin, red itchy skin, thickened, scaly, or flaky skin. Eczema can flare up and then calm down for a time, but the skin tends to remain dry and itchy even in between flare ups.

Inflamed skin can become extremely itchy, however scratching can aggravate the problem and also cause the skin to become thickened. Scratching can also disrupt your sleep patterns and cause your skin to bleed and become extremely sore. This can all cause great stress for the sufferer.

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