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Eyelid Eczema

Eyelid Eczema.

One skin disorder that can be tricky to treat is eyelid eczema. When eczema breaks out on your eyelids you need to be careful on how it is treated as you don’t want to damage or irritate your eyes. You will need to consult a doctor who will recommend most suitable treatment.

Eyelid eczema is not as common as other forms of eczema. It simply breaks out on the eyelids in the same way it does on other parts of the body. It starts as irritated skin that also flakes, itches, and has a red or rash-like appearance. This can be a painful, make the sufferer self conscious and it is tricky to treat.

An outbreak of this on the eyelids can make a person grab their dark glasses to hide their eyes from the world. It is also hard for the sufferer not to scratch the skin on the eyelids as the itch can be severe. Rather than become upset if you suffer from eyelid eczema, stay calm and determine the reason it is happening.

Contact with allergens is one of the prime causes for eczema to break out on the eyelids. This can be anything from cosmetics used on or around the eyes, to smoke and other irritants. People with allergies to plants can have trouble during certain times of the year. Of course, avoiding contact with the allergen normally helps this clear up.

Finding the allergen is not always easy. Sometimes an allergy test has to be given by a medical professional. You could also have a problem staying away from it if it is something you have to deal with in your job. Other times though it is a simple matter of trying different brands of cosmetics.

While eczema that occurs on the body will respond to light therapy, steroid creams, and various other medications. Some of these will not work with eyelid eczema, or they are simply not suitable for the eyelids. The facial area especially around the eyes is very delicate and can be affected by too harsh a treatment. Even the milder strengths of steroid creams can cause reactions when used on the eye area.

The light therapy could also hurt not just the eyelids but the eyes themselves affecting your vision.

If the eyelid eczema is mild you may just try some vitamin E oil on it. This may clear it up without hurting your eyes. If this does not work then consult your doctor to see what he recommends. Do not try anything but things you know are safe around the eye area. Talking to your doctor first is a necessity.

You could take antibiotics if needed to clear up infections if they occur. Oral antibiotics will not hurt the eyes.

Antihistamines could be prescribed to alleviate the itching for eyelid eczema. Please be aware though that some antihistamines have sedating effects and should therefore be used cautiously if you have to do such things as operate machinery or drive in the course of your day.

Natural Eczema Cure Revealed Natural Eczema Cure Revealed

Learn more about Eczema and how to eliminate it in my ebook “Natural Eczema Cure Revealed” which you can download right now and immediately put to use.

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Wishing you the best,

Stuart Johnstone.

Copyright Stuart Johnstone 2010.

Facial Eczema

Facial Eczema.

If you happen to be one of the many people suffering with facial eczema you know how frustrating it can be. Eczema breakouts include such things as inflammation, redness, bumps that are similar to those of pimples and dry itchy flaky skin. Sometimes infection and weeping take place with the facial eczema breakouts.

Having this all appear on your face and nearby areas can be most distressing.

As you cannot go around hiding your face like you can other parts of the body, this condition can make you very self conscious. It is therefore very important to seek treatment to help you cope with this condition. In other words you want to do what you can to clear your face up so you don’t feel like hiding.

If you are a woman suffering with facial eczema, it can be even more frustrating as wearing makeup and cosmetics can make this condition worse. In addition to this it can be hard for you to feel pretty and professional because at times you may even have to leave cosmetics off to clear up your face.

The good news however is that there are some cosmetics that can be okay to use, mainly the hypoallergenic type. Make sure that they are the kind that will not clog the pores.

The occurrence of facial eczema often happens because the body comes into contact with a substance it cannot deal with in a normal manner. The face and the body both can react by exhibiting the signs for eczema. Dry patches, rashes and even oozing sores can appear. Your face or body only has this method of communicating with you when things are not right.

So if your face has broken out with eczema chances are it has been exposed to something that you are allergic to. This could be things like soap, creams and other types of cosmetics. It could be anything that the face has come in contact with.

The only way to find out what caused your facial eczema is to leave all cosmetics, fragrances etc off, wash with water only – no soap, and then introduce them very slowly one by one and watch for a reaction to a specific substance.

It is probably best that you only introduce one substance i.e. blusher, lipstick, fragrance etc, per week. You have to do it slowly in order to pinpoint the cause of your facial eczema.

Ensure your diet does not include any foods that you are allergic to as this may also trigger facial eczema. You can have the doctor test you for food allergies in the event the eczema is a problem for you. This way you will know what to avoid in your diet.

Another factor is stress. Stress can affect all types of eczema, including facial eczema. The frustrating thing here is that if stress is causing facial eczema to occur, the sufferer often becomes increasingly stressed due to the appearance of the eczema on the face, and this in turn makes the condition worse.

The body reacts negatively to stress. Learn how to relax even when these episodes happen with your skin to lessen the effects that stress can bring on.

Treatment for facial eczema has the same purpose as any other types of this disorder. It is meant to get rid of the inflammation, itching, and to prevent the disorder from getting worse.

The treatment usually is a combination of changing certain things in your life, for example your cosmetics, and taking or applying certain prescribed medications. Applying moisturizer to your skin is an important part of any eczema treatment.

Natural Eczema Cure Revealed Natural Eczema Cure Revealed

Learn more about Eczema and how to eliminate it in my ebook “Natural Eczema Cure Revealed” which you can download right now and immediately put to use.

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Wishing you the best,

Stuart Johnstone.

Copyright Stuart Johnstone 2010.