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Severe Eczema

Severe Eczema.

Is your skin dry, itchy, flaky, red and infected? If it is, you could have severe eczema. You probably take at least some care of your skin when it is normal and healthy, but when you suffer from severe eczema you need to be diligent with skin care.

You need to discover the reason for the eczema and the best way to control it. Below are some suggestions for treating your case of eczema.

Keep your skin hydrated properly, using the right kind of moisturizers for your skin. Avoid using detergent-based soap or cleansers on your skin. These can dry your skin out and lessen the effects of applying moisturizers to the skin. Even when using topical medications you can still moisturize your skin.

Many times when the severe eczema breaks out is treated by using corticosteroids. These are usually topically applied. This type of medication lowers the inflammation of the outbreak. There are various strengths of these medications available for use. The milder ones are for certain areas of the body that are more delicate such as the face. Children are better off with the milder strengths.

Stronger topical corticosteroids can be prescribed for adults or for anyone with a severe form of eczema. After the outbreak of severe eczema has been controlled with the stronger levels of medication then the milder ones should then be used to manage it, or in some cases no medication is needed at all.

You should regularly consult your doctor when using corticosteroids.

If infection occurs as part of the breakout of the severe eczema then further medications could be required. Staphyllococcus aureus is bacteria that can cause an infection within the patches of this disorder. When these infections happen antimicrobial medications need to be used. These could be anti-fungals, anti-virals, or antibiotics whichever the doctor deems necessary.

The antimicrobials can be either orally taken or topically applied depending on how serious the infection is. Sometimes the doctor will also recommend antiseptic moisturizers which will stop the infections from occurring in the first place.

Many individuals say the itching which comes with eczema can be unbearable. Antihistamines can be prescribed to alleviate this problem. Some do have sedating effects and should therefore be used cautiously if you have to do such things as operate machinery or drive in the course of your day.

However these antihistamines can keep you from scratching and opening the skin up to infections. They are usually best taken at night to help reduce the itching and allow you to sleep. Non-sedating antihistamines are available though if you need them.

Sometimes severe eczema can be so serious or non-responsive to other treatments that immunosuppressant drugs have to be used to get the problem under control. These are powerful drugs and you should be monitored carefully while taking these drugs.

Treatments using UVA and UVB light are another choice when the severe eczema is not responding to other treatments. There are some side effects from these types of treatment however. In particular, when these treatments have to be given for a long period of time there is a risk of the skin aging or even skin cancer occurring.

Natural Eczema Cure Revealed Natural Eczema Cure Revealed

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New developments in severe eczema treatment

Shirley asked:

I suffer from severe eczema and it makes everyday life difficult. Most days I’m in pain from the cuts and really dry cracked skin. Does anyone know of any new developments in eczema treatment?