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Eczema around eyes

Kathleen asked:

I have eczema around my eyes and i dont know how to treat it. Im worried about using normal creams for eczema around eyes in case they do any damage to my eyes, can anyone advise me please?

Apart from it being sore and itchy, it looks horrible and makes me very self conscious!

Natural Eczema Cure

3 Responses to “Eczema around eyes”

  • Melissa Pike says:

    Eczema Causes

    There may be a herbal treatment for eczema around eyes. Would be worthwhile checking.

  • Martha says:

    Red Itchy Skin Help

    Wash around your eyes with water only. This should get rid of some of the dead and loose skin. Then moisturize around the eyes with a product that is suitable for using around the eyes, i.e. fragrance free, contains no steroids etc. You should ask your doctor which moisturizer is suitable for using around the eyes.

  • Ruth says:

    Eczema Causes

    Hi Kathleen, I have the same problem around my eyes and they puff up and look terrible. I’ve been told that I shouldn’t even use normal moisturizer around my eyes so I would also like to know what to do!

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