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Eczema Treatment Using Wet Wrap Therapy. 

If you are suffering from severe eczema is keeping you up at night and there is no relief in sight, it may be time to ask your health practitioner about wet wrap therapy. This form of treatment has been found to be effective for severe eczema. It has been proven to give relief and to remoisturize and soothe sore and itchy skin.

Before the process begins, you need to soak in a bath with emollient oil. Then moisturizer is rubbed into the skin to make it moist. If your eczema is severe, then an anti-itch cream may be applied to the affected skin. The bandages that are used for wet wrap therapy are soaked in warm water or a special moisturizer until very wet. The bandages are then wrapped on the area where the body has eczema. This therapy can be used on any area of the body that is affected by eczema, including the face. To assist keep the moisture in, dry bandages are wrapped over the wet bandages.

The advantages to wet wrap therapy as an eczema treatment are several. This therapy helps to rehydrate the damaged skin, can assist you sleep better, reduce itching, and decrease redness.

Another advantage is that it reduces the chance that the bacteria that is on the skin naturally will develop into an infection.

Children suffering from severe atopic dermatitis have found relief using wet wrap therapy. Even after two weeks of treatment, they still saw improvements. This therapy has also been found to assist with moderate to serious hand dermatitis.

There are some negatives to this form of eczema treatment. For one thing, it takes quite a bit of time to do from start to finish. For children, this may be difficult because they are unable to keep still. Another disadvantage is that some children and adults may find it hard to sit wrapped in wet bandages for the time required for this therapy to work. In place of bandages, you can use moistened pajamas or other clothing to treat children or infants, which would be more comfortable. You also need to keep in mind is that the temperature of the room should be comfortable for the patient, because sitting with wet bandages may make them feel cold.

In most cases, wet wrap therapy is only performed for a week or two, and no longer. You will need to moisturize your skin constantly after you have completed your wet wrap therapy. In addition, adopt other methods of eczema treatment that you can use such as avoiding allergens.

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